Sweet Pear

Elvis Costello2002年7月1日


Sweet Pear - Elvis Costello (埃爾維斯 科斯特洛)

Sweet pear


Sweet pear


Those who say they love you

Would never dare


I'll watch out for you


I'll always be there

In the hour of your distress you need not fear


In all the world there's only one true love


And finding it's hard enough


I bless whatever's in the sky above


For bringing you to me


But there's a void


Without your kiss

I wake on the precipice above the abyss


And though the touch of your lips these fears dismiss

Make no mistake there is an ache I have to live with

Was my grip too lose my grip too strong


That made you want to run away


And now you're back where I pretend you belong


I wonder every night and day

How long


I swear


This is my prayer

'Til we're burned and scattered in the atmosphere


Or lost in the world


Across a crowded room

I am your stupid lover your wretched groom