End of the World (Outro) (Explicit LP Version)

Busta Rhymes1996年3月26日


End Of The World(Outro) (Explicit LP Version) - Busta Rhymes (布斯塔·瑞恩)

I would like to thank the whole entire world

For absorbing such a special moment Busta Rhymes

I just want to keep y'all all posted keep in mind

That we don't have too much time to take time for granted

We need to make the moves necessary to get it all

Before they try to cut us off

Motherf**kers got to really realize that

If we don't bring it now

We might never again find the precious opportunity


Like now to ever bring it again

So all my motherf**kers stay tuned

"Damn if I just had a little bit more time

If I only knew what I know now

Things would be better

Would it Is it too late Damn is it too late "