Tonya Harding (In D major)

Sufjan Stevens2017年12月7日


Tonya Harding (In D major) - Sufjan Stevens

Tonya Harding my star


Well this world is a cold one

But it takes one to know one

And god only knows what you are


Just some Portland white trash


You confronted your sorrow

Like there was no tomorrow

While the rest of the world only laughed


Triple axel on high


A delightful disaster

You jumped farther and faster


You were always so full of surprises


Are your laces untied


What's the frown on your face for

And just what are the skates for now


Tell me which is your good side


Are you lonely at night


Do you miss all the glory

And the mythical story


Of the Olympian life


Yamagata in red


She had high rise and roses


And red carpet poses


And her outfit was splendid


Nancy hankering's charm


Well she took quite a beating

So you're not above cheating


Can you blame her for crying


Tonya you were the brightest


Yeah you rose from the ashes

And survived all the crashes


Wiping the blood from your white tights


Has the world had it's fun


Yeah they'll make such a hassle

And they'll build you a castle


Then destroy it when they're done


Tonya Harding my friend


Well this world is a b**ch girl

Don't end up in a ditch girl


I'll be watching you close to the end


So fight on as you are


My American princess


May god bless you with incense


You're my shining American star


Shining American star


Shining American star


Shining American star


Shining American star