Poisoned Rose

Elvis Costello2007年5月14日


Poisoned Rose - Elvis Costello (埃爾維斯 科斯特洛)

Written by:Declan MacManus

The poisoned rose


That you gave to me


It left me half alive

Half in ecstasy


But if half of your love


Is all

I can win


Give me just a fraction

But no more medicine


The poisoned rose


On a Valentine card


That you take straight to the heart


You call my junkyard


But if all I can do


Is save pieces of you


The piece of your mind


The piece of your heart


Didn't tear me apart


Like the poisoned rose

I received from you


I don't know


How we came to grow


Into this very sad affair


Every time we do the decent thing


Somebody spikes the drink


And siggle become the page


The poisoned rose


That you wear at your best


That I keep pressed between the white sheets

Where you lie half undressed


I threw away my shirt and shoes

You looked and I dived in


It's just you and me now


'Cause I threw away the gin


I threw away your alibis

All your worn out clothes


I threw myself upon the floor

I couldn't throw away


This poisoned rose


This poisoned rose


This poisoned rose