2 Chainz2013年9月9日


Outroduction - 2 Chainz

I'm blessed some might say I'm lucky


I'm blessed some might say I'm lucky

Every cents huffy pockets on husky

Shawty don't trust me I break hearts often

If you look at my pockets you a weight watcher

From a dishwasher to a kingpin

Remember how the scene end and how this thing is

Drugs backed in 'em mean them things in

Now it's duffle bags full of green mean

I swear I ain't lying and my daddy hand died

He tell you he had the hood like a ring did

Two kids later I mature like fine wine in the basement


Different kind of pinot

Tried to stack c-note after c-note

I'm tryna make it count like a free throw after free throw

Line it's a thin one between

Getting high and committing crimes

Let a ni**a live

I've been locked up more rapping than I did tryna get a brick

(F**k this sh*t)


I remember when I believed in me

What am I supposed to do


Uh now when the ones that didn't see me

They want a verse or to

Sh*t what am I supposed to do

Put 'em in a f**king herse or two

I'm the illest I wrote that sh*t in cursive too


And I smoke just to ease the pain

So hungry I used to try to eat the rain


Well at least until the pizza came


Or at least until polices came

Undercovers outside my momma yard


And all the guns is in Kisha's name


In Jesus's name I pray

I say that a couple times a day

When it's time to eat when it's time to lay

And when it's daytime it ain't my time of day uh


I heard my little big cousin mad at me

I call him little big cause he younger than me

But he big he was the high school team captain

Didn't graduate but sometimes things happen

And whatever happen that was the worst day

And who know what was going on in the first place

I love and helped raise my ni**a


This sh*t forgot to call him on his birthday

It's hard to explain my new lifestyle

A partner lockdown got a phone and an ipod

He called to tell me happy new years

I had to tell him ni**a it's march

We had similar stars

But I ain't figured his part

They had dough and we didn't

How did it dissolve alka-seltzer

This is the outroduction

Niggas stab you in your back like acupuncture