Your Spirit And My Spirit (Album Version)

Kenny Loggins1997年4月10日


Your Spirit And My Spirit - Kenny Loggins

Your spirit and my spirit

Whirling round each other for eons

Let's be god this time

Let's be human

Let's be light

Let's be all that is dark

Everything you are I see

And seeing is loving


And loving is remembering

Because this blueprint of your heart

I carry inside me

For all time

This soul memory of spirit

Wakes me from my dream

Rips the veils pierces the certainty

Of my ever effusive despair

And I meet myself for the first time

We are and all that I've learned about life

And love and men and women

Is false and phony and obscene


Love take me rip me into shreds

Baptize me again and again

In the warm wetness of my own tears

Burn down my walls fast and furious


Like a drunken divine glass blower

For all my fear is camouflage


My rage is the fuel of my truth telling


My demons are at home now

All my days and nights are for love