Bitter Creek (2013 Remaster) (Remastered)

The Eagles2018年11月1日

Bitter Creek - Eagles (老鷹樂隊)


Once I was young and so unsure


I'd try any ill to find the cure


An old man told me


Tryin' to scold me


Oh son don't wade to deep


In Bitter Creek


Bitter Creek


Out where the desert meets the sky


Is where I go when I wanna hide


Oh peyote oh peyote mm


She tried to show me

Tried to show me


You know there ain't no cause to weep


At Bitter Creek


We're gonna hit the road

For one last time


We can walk right in


And steal 'em blind


All that money All that money ooh


No more runnin' No more runnin'


I can't wait to see the old man's face


When I win the race


Bitter Creek


Doo doo doo