Light Skinned Keisha Speaks


Light Skin Keisha (Skit) - Preme

Written by:Raynford Humphrey

So I'ont know who told these b**ches

That it was or cool or whatever the case may be

To take a picture of a n**ga while he sleepin'

You know I'm sayin' while he's not alert

Or whatever the f**kin' case may be

Like you know I'm sayin' like first of all b**ch

If ain't nobody told you I'll be the first to tell you

Okay believe I'd be the first to tell you that you lame


You corny you stupid


'Cause first of all b**ch look if you had

Any chances of seein' this n**ga again

You can cancel that with you groupie a**

Like don't nobody got time for that

Like this this n**ga didn't know that was goddamn bringin' a d**n

Paparazzi around

Like d**n b**ch you know I'm sayin'

Like you ruinin' this sh*t for b**ches

And yeah fellas y'all just gotta reconsider

The type of b**ches that y'all bring around

Like know that every b**ch can't hang every b**ch not cool

Some b**ches really do be on that lame sh*t

B**ches can't wait to name drop

And tell a b**ch I been with so and so

Look look look look look look

This who I did and I got proof

A b**ch can't wait like you just gotta chill you know I'm sayin'

Be careful be careful you feel me