Elvis Costello2003年9月23日


Still - Elvis Costello (埃爾維斯 科斯特洛)

Written by:Elvis Costello

These few lines I'll devote

To a marvellous girl covered up with my coat

Pull it up to your chin

I'll hold you until the day will begin



Lying in the shadows this new flame will cast

Upon everything we carry from the past


You were made of every love and each regret


Up until the day we met

There are no words that I'm afraid to hear

Unless they are "Goodbye my dear"


I was moving very fast

But in one place

Now you speak my name and set my pulse to race

Sometimes words may tumble out but can't eclipse

The feeling when you press your fingers to my lips

I want to kiss you in a rush

And whisper things to make you blush

And you say "Darling hush hush

Still still"