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Once I Knew a Pretty Girl

Joan Baez2013年7月14日



Once I knew a pretty girl


I loved her as my life


I'd gladly give my heart and hand


To make her my wife


Ooh to make her my wife


She took me by the hand

She led me to the door

She put her arms around me

Saying "Please don't come no more"

Ooh Please come no more


Well I'd not been gone

But about six months


When she did complain

And she wrote me a letter

Saying "please come back again "

Ooh Please come again


So I sent her an answer


Just for to let her know

That no young man should venture

Where once he could not go

Ooh Where once he could not go


So come all you young lovers


Take a warning from me

And never hang your affections

On a green growing tree

Ooh on a green growing tree


For the leaves they will wither

Roots will decay

And the beauty of a young girl

Will soon fade away

Ooh soon fade away

Once I Knew a Pretty Girl - Joan Baez