Father To Son (Live At The Rainbow, London - March 197)


Father To Son (父致子) (Live At The Rainbow, London - March 197) - Queen (皇后樂隊)

A word in your ear


From father to son


Hear the word that I say


I fought with you


Fought on your side


Long before you were born


Joyful the sound


The word goes around


Father to son to son


And every now and you


Time after time it keeps

Calling you calling you on the way


Don't destroy what you see


Your country to be

Just keep building on the ground


That's been won


Kings will be crowned


The word goes around


From father to son to son


Our family song


Now we hand it on


Take this letter that I give you


Hold it sonny hold it high


You won't understand a word that's in it


But you'll write it all again before you die


I wear that your wanna ear


I want you ear


From father to son


Funny you don't hear

A single word that I say


But my letter to you


Will stay by your side

Thru' the years


Till the loneliness is gone


Sing if you will


But the air you breathe

I live to give you


Father to son father to son