The Letter Home

Elvis Costello, Brodsky Quartet2009年3月3日


The Letter Home - Elvis Costello (埃爾維斯 科斯特洛)/Brodsky Quartet

Written by:Mac Manus/Paul Cassidy/Ian Belton

Care of St ignatus house willoughby drive


Parramatta new south wales

This fifth day of July


In the year of our Lord


Nineteen hundred and thirty five


Why must I always apologize


Every time that I sit down to write


Through my own fault I may find


You're no longer living at this address


Please excuse the lack of news

The feeling of strange privilege


For the hour of trial in these times of distress

Mean more than years imprisoned by etiquette


I can remember when we were children


Though I could never imagine this day


Your brother told me we'd live forever


I'll go one better I heard myself say

And it seems so strange now that he's gone


To recall all these games


Though the years have divided us

Friendships have strained and broken


Oh by the way how's that girl that you wed


I hated you then but I'm over the worst of it


I can't come home I might as well say


Life is short I shall not write again