Don’t Stop The Party (Album Version)

Black Eyed Peas2010年1月1日

This is that original

This has no identical

You can't have my digital

Future Aboriginal

Get up off my genitals

I stay on that pinnacle

Chewin up my lyricals

Call me verbal criminal

Send you to that clinical

Subscribe use of Chemicals

I D O and visual can't see me invisible

I old school like Biblical

Futuristic next level

Never on that typical

Will I stop I never know

I ain't gonna stop until I do (don't stop it)

I ain't gonna quit should I show

Now baby don't you stop it stop it

Now baby don't you stop it stop it stop it

You can't stop us now

Now baby don't you stop it stop it stop it stop it


Even if wanna to you can't stop us now

Don't Stop the Party

Don't don't don't don't

Stop stop stop

The the the don't Stop The Party


You could cause me crazy man

Everyday I'm party'in

You could find me at the club

Pop'n bottles minglin

Ladies danc'in to the jam

Act'n all day man oh man

Got me in the mood again

At the party partyan

Yeah I get that happenen

Taken shots Whatever man

Party like a veteran

Music is my medicine

You and Bobby Settlan

Can't restart I'm stepin in

Take control and feel the band

Yeah that's right everyone jam

I'm that one that lights it up

We red hot like fire trucks

Burn that book that what up

Tell that DJ turn it up

We droppin that music

Good people all around

We Rockin' Head Knockin'

Coz they can't shut us down

Ain't ain't no stoppin'

We gonna keep on rockin'

Baby ain't no stoppin

U can't a stop us now