Funk Freakers

Cypress Hill1995年10月31日

Funk Freakers - Cypress Hill

Let me introduce my self

I'm the one who rules the set

So don't you forget

Bad for ya health but ya still

Be tryin' ta push buttons

But you ain't nothin' no frontin

I bring the level up a little louder

In the clubs an' the

Jeeps an' the after hours

Fools on the street wanna feel the funk

Lookin for the 'skunk' that's what'cha want

Ya betta sit back and let the track flow

Like smoke in ya lungs

From puffin' on the indo

Rythems upside'cha brain

Can ya hang can maintain

Can ya feel the funk flowin' in ya veins

Get'cha fix and ya bag of tricks

In tha mix I got the stix

And stones a few bricks

I'm gonna hit 'em high

He's gonna hit 'em low

Open up ya mind

So that'chu can feel the flow

On an' on till there all gone

Fools be runnin' but they won't last long


People always wanna get

What you got no matta what

Can't take care of themselves in the big hunt

In the quest for the crown

An' the jewels and the cheese

Motherf**ker please

Enemies wanna plot

Against me with envy in they hearts

But I rip their sorry a** apart

In a minute I can take ya to the limit

Temprature risen nasal highzen

Comin' back in with the lows for the fows

F**kin' up egos an' anybody oppose

The numba one skunk freaka

The Cypress Hill cliqua

Blowin' a hole in tha speaker

You don't wanna dis the Perro

The Real One or the Werro

Slangin' rythems through the ghetto

Ya best keep ya a** in cheak

Come on little mutha f**kas betta show respect

An whats next the big brown takin' ya down

How ya feel

When your sorry a** can't hang with the Hill


Can ya feel the effects of the chocolate tide

Nobody even knows how I kick the flow

Slow down cause ya commin' up too fast

Ya might get smacked down cause ya got no class