Two Sides To Love

The Temptations2001年9月28日

Two Sides To Love - The Temptations (誘惑演唱組)

The first love of your life wasn't true to you


And it broke your little heart


He loved you then he left you

Confused misused and in the dark


Won't you let me walk into your world of darkness and confusion


Let me show you there's another side to love

That's more than a sweet illusion

If you just believe just believe in love again

You'll find there's two sides to love


And what you experienced wasn't the real thing


Cause true love is an emotion that can soothe your very soul

It brings joy to a heart of sadness

And warmth to a life grown cold


Don't give it up don't hang your head down

Life can be beautiful


Just open your heart stretch out your arms

Let love work a miracle

Though your dreams are shattered and torn

Girl all your dreams can be reborn

Cause it's never to late for your dream to come true

Just believe just believe in a heart that's true


You'll find there's two sides to love

And all my love it's so true it won't make you blue


Cause true love won't bring troubles

It would bathe your troubles away


It will ne're leave every dark cloud

In the light and make room for a brighter day


Two sides to love


Let me show you the other side


What you saw was the bad side


Let me show you the real side


Let me show you the true side