White Queen (As It Began)


White Queen (白皇后) - Queen (皇后樂隊)

So sad her eyes


Smiling dark eyes


So sad her eyes


As it began


On such a breathless night as this

Upon my brow the lightest kiss

I walked alone


And all around the air did say

My lady soon will stir this way

In sorrow known


The white queen walks and

The night grows pale


Stars of lovingmess in her hair

Needing unheard


Pleading one word


So sad my eyes


She cannot see


How did thee fare what have thee seen

The mother of the willow green

I call her name


And 'neath her window have i stayed

I loved the footsteps that she made

And when she came


White queen how my heart did ache

And dry my lips no word would make

So still i wait


My goddess hear my darkest fear

I speak too late


It's for evermore that i wait

Dear friend goodbye


No tears in my eyes


So sad it ends


As it began