Rainbow Road (Album Version)

Joan Baez2003年9月22日


Rainbow Road (彩虹之路) (Album Version) - Joan Baez (瓊·貝茲)

I was born a poor poor man

All my life I had hard workin' hands

But I sang a song as I carried my load

Cuz I had a dream about rainbow rainbow road

Then one day my chance came along

A man heard me singin' and playing these old songs

He bought me fine clothes paid the money I owed

Started me on my way down rainbow rainbow road

Then one night a man wiht a knife

Pushed me till I had to take his life

Fast as fallin' all my friends were gone

That old judge traded me a sentence for a song

Just livin' with that ball 'n chain

Had to wear a number 'for they'd ever call my name

Like a dream I'm growing old

But we still sing about rainbow rainbow read