2 Minutes & 21 Seconds Of Funk (Amended LP Version)


2 Minutes & 21 Seconds Of Funk (Amended LP Version) - Coolio

Yeah yeah


You know what I'm talkin' about Wino


Yeah yeah yeah

Two minutes and twenty-one seconds of funk

And I ain't no punk


That's right that's right

A tisket a tasket

That's all you ask it

Snap your cd and drop the pieces in your casket

Like little Jack Horna' I'm still bendin' cornas'

Buckin' shots on your block I'm sippin' on Corona's

Uh your McDonald had a farm wit' a six-fo on suicide

Sittin' in the barn wit' no alarm

Straight up collected it cool and calm

Crowbar in my hand and my skeleton brick still works like a charm

Who's the rawest

My sh*t is flawless

Had to be passin' out bruises

Lacerations and broken jawses

Emcees wanna floss you better understand who's the boss

Before I do a Michael Jackson and "Cut your sh*t off "

Part of the penitentary still penetratin' your grill

I keep on keepin' it right while you keep on keepin' it real

I'll bring the treble and the bass to delapatate your waist

Coolio's on the case get yo hoe out my face fool

Lodi Dodi I don't know karate but I know a razor

And none of y'all can't fade me

I know you wanna try to play me

And busta's wanna playa hate me

I'm one of the dopest niggaz out I

Guess that's why they hate me

Cause I slang hits like niggaz slang cavi

I remain like khakis I guess that's why they mad at me

On a record you might outgat me

But you can't outrap me

My sh*t is fatta'

And yo sh*t need a little bit mo batta'

Freestyle in unrestricted manner or method

Free funk text readily selected so check it

Uh dip diver socializer I've been rockin'

These motherf**kin' microphones since nineteen seventy-niner

And by the time that this little nappy head ni**a retire

I'ma be at the ripe ol' age of forty-eight or forty-niner

My sh*t is wise CPT M C for hire

My name ain't Rick James but I'll burn your a** with a fire

So what's your desire baby love

Is it hands wrapped around mics

Or fingers wrapped around triggas

Eitha' way it go I'm dumpin' and I'm dippin'

Still tennis shoe pimpin' 40 Thevz in position

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum now ni**a I'm a giant

And yo a** is like Jack

But yo magic beans is wack

Skills is what you lack

I'm like a Benz you ain't even like Cadillac

You mo like a Regal

I'ma pit bull and you's a Beagle

I'm set to strangle hangin' emcee's at all angles

As their legs start to dangle

Dance around everybody like Mr Bo Jangles

Los Angeles Compton Long Beach and Carson Hawthorne

Livin with the Watts

I'm sendin' out shout outs

I used to drink Ol' Gold

Now I just stroll

Straight to the exit section of my neighborhood liquor store


Huh and you know what make me laugh b**ch

Even your mama want my autograph autograph autograph

Autograph autograph