Marilyn Manson2014年4月2日


Telephone - Marilyn Manson (瑪麗蓮·曼森)

Another night of too much cough syrup


I'm awakened by the incessant ringing of a telephone


I still have dreams caked in the corners of my eyes

And my mouth is dry and tastes shitty


Again the ringing


Slowly I bustle out of bed

The remnants of an erection

Still lingering in my shorts

Like a bothersome guest


Again the ringing


Carefully I abscond to the bathroom

As to not display my manhood to others

There I make the perfunctory morning faces

Which always seem to precede my daily

Contribution to the once blue toilet water


That I always enjoy making green


Again the ringing


I shake twice like most others

And I'm annoyed by the dribble

That always seems to remain

Causing a small acreage of wetness

On the front of my briefs


I slowly languidly lazily crazily stumble into the den


Where my father smokes his guitars

I mean cigars in his easy chair


I know all about easy chairs


And then I sing a song for my friends

Jesus is my boyfriend Jesus is my boyfriend


You can't have him because Jesus is my boyfriend


Ringing ringing

Dang it goddamn motherf**king son of a b**ch is ringing

I walk into the kitchen and I stare blankly

At that shrieking plastic bastard since it keeps ringing

I know it's her and since it keeps ringing she knows it's me


We are the world we are the children

We are the ones who make a darker day

So let's start killing


There's a choice you're making


We're sparing our own lives

It's true we'll make a darker day

Just you and me



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