CINCO Minutos Con Vos

Elvis Costello, The Roots2013年1月1日




Cinco Minutos Con Vos - Elvis Costello (埃爾維斯 科斯特洛)/The Roots

I stood at the kerb trying not to disturb


The dark carnival crew and a glittering voice

Far off there said "Rejoice"


"As the casualties are but few"


Going to tell you now


Before I forget myself

I could let you loose


But the key won't undo the lock

And the face of the clock

Seemed to merrily mock

These five minutes with you


Mi padre sabía

Y me lo susurro

Vete a Montevideo y espérame ahí

Por dónde empezar

Escuchando siempre están

Por cinco minutos o mas

Si te atreves

La sirenas lamentan

La plaga que encuentran


Las balas caen

Y te harán desaparecer

El faro oscurece hay poca esperanza

Cinco minutos con vos

My father would know

So he whispered it low

"Go to Montevideo and wait for me there"


How can I begin

They're always listening in

For five minutes or more if you dare


Now the sirens wail

There is a fever in the winding sheets

And the bullets hail

And they pull you right off the streets

Our chances are slim

But the searchlights will dim in five

Minutes for you

The propeller was droning I woke up alone


They opened the door and they threw me through


And down I went down like the twist of a screw

Down into the silver above me the blue


And you stood there waiting but you never knew

Five Minutes With You


They can scatter the earth and find nothing of worth


Wipe out those years of triangular tears

The colours will fly

And the wild wind will cry I'm strapped to that mast

Knowing they wouldn't last for

Five Minutes With You