Just a Little Longer


You speak of love in a language I don't know

It's the rhythm of your heart

Like the sirens in the dark

I can do nothing but come close


The colour of your hair

Spreads through the fields of gold

I see the light in your eyes

They bear the soul of a child

I feel safe just in your shadow


The warmth of your smile

Like the sun sinks in my skin

I hide my kisses in the wind

Wanna lead you to my dreams

It's close enough to love


First the sound

Then the vision

After the touch

Finally the heart

Let it last a little longer

Hope it'd last a little longer

Just a little longer…


I knew you have to go

I knew I couldn't follow

But now my heart is full

There's nothing I can't get through

I will close my eyes every time I feel the wind blow


That's the way wind blows

That's the way love goes