Don't Stop



Don't Stop - Run-DMC

Don't stop

Don't stop

Don't stop



As I proceed indeed to take the lead with speed

All the suckers'll back off and fall

But this is the hype I like and the type of mic

You wanna fight

Just gimme a call

I'm going to breeze past the other MC's

And D's rhymes'll flow like water

The wind the rain the hurricane it's all the same

With rhymes in order

And yo my name is Run and yeah I'm all that

Slap back the king of the Daddy Mack's

But that ain't the news I choose to tell

I gotta use the cruise that bruises well

For the grime you slime you try to diss mine

I put your head to bed 'cause it's bedtime

I knock out your teeth beneath your gums

Now you're mumblin' you bum

Turn out the lights Run

Picture punks playin' me close

When I'm hard as hell and that's all labeled suckers

Waitin' for the King of Swing to bring

"Beats to the Rhyme" and yeah I'm runnin' things

Now that's the name of the phrase

So don't be amazed at the ways my rhyme displays

You gotta make the best of what you got to get to the top

In hip hop you gotta diggy diggy don't stop

Don't stop

Don't stop

Don't stop

The artist hittin' hardest smartest

Professor compressor impresser to the lesser

Low life of the mic

I come correct you surely right

The atmosphere is clear when I appear

Here to wax and tax an MC for mere pennies

And if any wanna get with D

I crash and bash and smash his a** for free

Black man originating creating a beat

I educate and straight from off the streets

Hard like a man was born to be

It just just happened in rap I was born to be

King yeah me the king of the rock

So let's rock the spot and diggy don't stop

Don't stop

Don't stop

Don't stop


Funky lyrics that you hear

As we release the masterpiece

The music will cease

And I'll put up the peace sign

And I roll with soul

And reach my goal

The story is told

D's bold and suckers'll fold

And I'm Run my son the fun has just begun

And some are slum and make 'em sell 'til

Crumbles crumb they hum those fools will come

And none have never done Run Jay

D M C the king is me and I be

The voice of Black Community

So be the unity inside of me and we

Will all agree about this don't stop

Don't stop

Don't stop

Don't stop