Oh Yeah

Chuck Berry2011年1月3日


Oh Yeah - Chuck Berry (查克·貝里)

In the 'Wee Wee Hours'


I used to play 'Maybellene'


Better days whizzed together


Until someone came between


I didn't lay 'No Money Down'


So she caught a 'Downbound Train'


'Too Much Monkey Business'


Running with a 'Brown Eyed Handsome Man'


'Roll Over Beethoven'


Try to catch me if you can


Sail on 'Havana Moon'


I have a 'Drifting Heart' again


Oh yeah


Have the deep feeling


My head is going 'Around And Around'


No one would let me


Oh baby doll can't be found


'Rock 'n' Roll Music'


Slowly settling down


'Sweet Little Sixteen'


And you will soon be twenty one


No more 'Reelin' And Rockin''


Well 'School Days' will be done


Go 'Johnny B Goode'


Play your guitar have your fun


Oh yeah


Oh yeah


Oh yeah


Oh yeah