(I've Been) Searchin' so Long (2007 Remaster)



(I've Been) Searchin' So Long - Chicago (芝加哥)

As my life goes on I believe


Somehow something's changed


Something deep inside


Ooh a part of me


There's a strange new light in my eyes


Things I've never known


Changin' my life


Changin' me


I've been searchin'

So long


To find an answer


Now I know my life has meaning


Ow oh


Now I see myself as I am


Feeling very free


Life is everything


Ooh it's meant to be


When my tears have come to an end


I will understand


What I left behind


Part of me


I've been searching


So long


To find and answer


Now I know my life has meaning


Woah woah



Don't you know I'm


Hell yeah

For an answer


Yeah yeah to the question


Oh yeah


For our minds

Look at the town yeah yeah


Baby it's true

Yeah yeha it's only natural

It's only natural baby

Baby yeah


Good things


In life


Take a long time


Yeah yeah