Love Was New (2003 Remaster) (Remastered LP Version)



Love Was New (Remastered LP Version) - Chicago (芝加哥)

Remember when we were first falling in love

How we planned all the things we would do


Beautiful days and the nights all ablaze


Hoping our dreams would come true


Love was new


Remember the house at the top of the hill

How the sunlight caressed all the trees


I played all my music I sang you my love

The chiming church bells rode the breeze


Love was new


Time has a way of obscuring our memories

And good times are hard to recall


Basic survival and day to day living

Leaves no time for romance at all




I just wanted to say

I'm still falling in love

Every day with you every day


Remember that christmas

With just a few friends

And the whole town was covered with snow


We laughed and we loved as we

Skied in the sun


It seems such a long time ago


Love was new


Something you said one night

Started me thinking

How sweet love is as it begins


Taken for granted it slips

Through your fingers


And leaves you on needles and pins


But there ain't no way baby

We'd let that happen


Our love will always be new


I just wanted to say I'm still

Falling in love

Every day with you falling in

Love every day with you