Yung Kee



Yung Kee - 陳奐仁

Written by:陳奐仁




Still I'm falling


Down in softer ground


Hurts like sh*t as hell


Makes me feel so well


F**k I'm dyin'


Yeah I'm seein' things


Still I've got to hold you're hand


Feel like I'm cryin'


And if you faraway to go

You never bother know


Why you see the god to see


From me


I could not see


The things that you feel


Do not be with me


'Cos I've got the will


You shouted to see


Could not have learnt


That so fit me you

With me


'Cos I've be lost to love beyond

To stop beneath the tease of me


I be close inside you're hurt


'Cos I always be around


I'll just found a time away


I been lost since time it's call away


Still in love to you everyday

I can see it all


But how did you feel


Wasn't so real


And what did you see


And show that to me


And it was you're time


The turn about it sure it can be


The love is lost until beyond


I could believe the way beneath my feet


Something hold around


When you turn around


Could I see this


The pain that off the ground


Stiff in all around


Throw it all around


Could I see you


Help us