What Is Soul?

Ben E. King1967年3月8日


What Is Soul? (靈魂是什麼?) - Ben E. King (班伊金)

What is soul what is soul babe


Some few people really know


It's deep within us it doesn't show


A soul is somethin'

That comes from deep inside


But a soul is a somethin'

That you can't hide

What is soul what is soul babe


Search your heart go deep down low


Way down there you'll find your soul


Come near girl you look so cold


Touch my hand and warm your soul


Baby baby what's wrong with you


You don't know what i'm going through


Hold me so tight so tight i can't breath


Can't you feel it girl

Don't you know what i mean


This is soul


This is soul feel the soul babe


What is soul babe



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