Pierre & Andrey

Nicholas Belton, Josh Groban2017年5月19日


Pierre & Andrey - Nicholas Belton/Josh Groban

Written by:Dave Malloy

Well how are you


Still getting stouter


There's a new wrinkle


On your forehead old friend


It's good to see you


I've been away too long


My friend you are in need


Your face is gloomy


No I am well


There's a war going on


Forgive me for troubling you

I received a refusal from countess Rostova

And have heard reports of your brother in law

Having sought her hand


Or something of that kind


Is this ture


Something of that kind


Here are her letters


Please give them to the countess


Natasha is ill


She has been at death's door


I much regret her illness


And he smiled like his father


Coldly maliciously


Well it doesn't matter


You told me once


A fallen woman should be forgiven

But I didn't say that I could forgive


I can't


Yes ask her hand again


Be magnanimous and so on yes


That would be very noble


But I can't be that man


If you wish to be my friend


Never speak of that again


Well goodbye