Rap Game / Crack Game



Rap Game / Crack Game - Jay-Z



Uhh yeah


Won't stop niggaz

Jigga Feel me

People told ya motherf**kers told ya

Uhh Roc-a-Fella


We treat this rap sh*t just

Like handlin weight

What they want we give it

To em what they abandon we take

Hit a rapper with consignment

Let him know it's at stake

Put his a** in the studio

Let him cook up a cake

When it's hot get on my

Money spot in every state

Like the wiz in Camelot

The mom-and-pop's is the gate

But first we scope sh*t

Advertise in every area

Let the fiends know hey

We got some d**e sh*t

Gon' need a middle man

So we look to radio

Let em test the product

Give em a promo show

Just a breeze not enough to catch a real vibe

Then we drop a maxi single

And charge em two for five

Ain't tryin to kill em at firs

T just buildin clientele

So when the album drop

S the first weeks it's on sale

But when demand grows it's

Time to expand yo

You don't want no garbage

Papi it's ten grand per blow fo'sho'



I got that uncut raw to

Make a fiend's body jerk

Got your whole block

Now pumpin my work

My CD's is like keys for

You Willie's who

Like to floss my cassette

Tapes in sixty-two's

And my singles like gems

You know the treys

Get you high for a while

But the high don't stay

You need another fix you

Better cop these last two bricks

Cause when this sh*t flip

I'ma get on some other sh*t

Never pitchin for a label

Jigga's the hook-up

You know my sh*t is fish

Scale y'all niggaz is cook up

Just blow up scream my

Name from Brooklyn to Da-kota

They know my sh*t stretch

Without the baking soda

Went from an eighth to a

Quarter to a half a key

Priority's work wasn't right

So I switched factories

Now I'm the new ni**a

Who figured I'd get the game locked

Now watch how the prices

Of your coc*ine drop ha ha