Two Little Orphans

Dolly Parton2013年11月3日

Two Little Orphans - Dolly Parton

Two little children a boy and a girl


Sat by an old church door


The little girls feet were as brown as the curl


That fell on the dress that she wore


The little boys clothes were all tattered and torn


They shone beneath his blue eyes


Why don't you go home to your mommy I said


And this was the maidens reply


Mommy's is heaven angels took her away


Left Jim and I all alone


With no one to love us daddy is dead


And our darling mother is gone


Mommy got sick angels took her away


To dwell in those matins so bright


She said she would come for her children someday


And I guess she's coming tonight


The sexton came early to ring the church bell


And found them beneath the snow white


The angels made room for the orphans to dwell


Up in heaven with their mommy that night