Everything Remains Raw (Explicit Version)

Busta Rhymes1996年3月26日


Everything Remains Raw (Explicit Version) - Busta Rhymes (布斯塔·瑞恩)

Aiy Aiyyo-yo-yo yo

On time showin you the rhythm

As I get wreck and get raw

Yeah I be the man comin off that be raw

It's Busta Rhymes givin you much more


Yo y'all (y'all) one more time I come

Knucklehead flow that make you act REAL DUMB

Yo (yo) I burn your food like Florence

Run up in your crib like my name was search warrants

Shut your mouth ni**a don't you complain

Fix you up mix you with cut like pro-caines


Ooh Insane to your brain

Right on your subconscious I leave my SH*T stain

I be the mostest with rhyme overdoses

Hot stepping over sh*t like Ini Kamoze's

Sick lyrics like multiple sclerosis

Focus while I display flows ferocious

Weak niggaz just fall and keep tumbling

Distribute lyrics like I'm hand to hand herb hustling

Hardcore like Quick Draw McGraw

F**k what you heard you ain't heard this before


Yo when I step in the place I leave damages


Nuff bandages on p**sy from miscarriages


Yo watch me bring the newest recipe

F**k you up quick and condemn you all with leprosy

Let me hit you with flows that come various

Hahh send you home and make you lie bout your alias

Ha-ha niggaz can't see my routine

When I round up my Flipmode niggaz and get cream

Hey you You know what the f**k I mean

Now I'm on the scene stepping through like Mean Joe Green

Now I'm making you feel the extreme

Till I black you out then turn on my real high beam

Oh sh*t now I got your brains fried

Once you inhale smoke from my flow CARBON MONOXIDE

Use your imagination let me take you higher

Rain hail snow earthquakes Earth Wind & Fire

Yo hit the dirt get on the floor

I'm that outlaw ni**a living right next door

You should just roll out the red carpet

All movin targets I got you open like supermarkets


There's only five years left

While niggaz is scared to death they breathe they last breath

Days of my Life goes on word is bond

I make you feel my proton neutron and electron


Yo I be the number one icon

Word to the holy Qu'ran I rock on and on

On and on hey on and on and on

You won't understand when I form Voltron

Hahahaha everything remains raw


Word is bond niggaz don't really understand sh*t

Niggaz don't motherf**kin know y'all hahah

Flipmode is the motherf**kin Squad y'all hahah

I make sure everything remains raw hahah

Word is bond niggaz don't know the real sh*t

There's only five years left Word is bond

Niggaz don't know though

There's only five years left Hahah

Remember that ni**a all you remember that

There's only five years left Hahaha