The Carter Family

Carly Simon2014年6月17日

The Carter Family - Carly Simon

Written by:Richard Perry

The Carter family lived next door for almost 14 years


With Gwen and I inseperatable from rag dolls through brassieres


And Gwen began to bore me with her giggles and her fears


The day the Carters moved away I had to fake my tears




I told new friends Gwen Carter had become a silly pest


And then I found I missed her more


Than I'd ever have guessed


Grandma used to nag at me to straighten up my spine


To act respectful and read good books

To take care of what was mine


I hated being criticized and asking her permission


So what if her advise was wise it always hurt to listen




I didn't cry when granny died she made me so depressed


And then I found I missed her more

Than I'd ever guessed


You used to make me moan in bed

But that can't be enough


My friends complained your jokes were crude


Your manners were too rough


Don't know just what I wanted but I know I wanted more


Someone smooth presentable to blend with my decor




And now at night I think of how


You grinned when you undressed


And I find I miss you more than I'd ever have guessed


Hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm


Hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm


Hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm