U Guessed It

OG Maco, 2 Chainz2014年9月25日


U Guessed It (你們猜到了) - Brandon Thomas

God damn boy that ni**a

Mac didn't never call bruh


But I'm seeing that ni**a

Everywhere bruh


Dog you know that ni**a

Went Hollywood and sh*t

Man f**k that ni**a dog


OGG F**k is a OGG



Aye bruh


You don't think that ni**a

Really getting no money right


I mean that ni**a

Ain't really f**king hoes right


Well (Damn)


B**ch you guessed it


WOO you was right


B**ch you guessed it


GLAH GLAH f**k ni**a on sight


B**ch you guessed it


Still in that place and I'm flexin


WOO b**ch you guessed it


I'm still with my niggas

Come and test us




B**ch you guessed it

Walkin around with

Extra in my pocket

B**ch you next to us

Why the f**k are you next to us

B**ch you should come test us

I seen what you rockin

And b**ch you can't dress with us

Seen what yo b**ch looked like

And ni**a I wasn't impresses or nun

F**k ni**a come and talk it out

F**k ni**a we ain't talkin it out

What the f**k we finna talk about


All we know is that mula benji's

Franklin's and that guala

Fetti with us bunch of ha niggas


Bunch of them b**ches all in they whip


Lickin on titties


Runnin my check up I think

I'm with Nike I'm sprinting SHEESH

Y'all couldn't hear me


B**ch you guessed it


You was motherf**kin right


B**ch you guessed it




Still in that place and I'm flexin


WOO b**ch you guessed it


I pull up with checks on me

If you are broke than you

Cannot stand next to me

Ni**a you know you cannot ever F with me

Shawty I'm with got her legs

In the air for me

She do it carefully

One more then got we gon need a referee


And my car mellow like Anthony


Too many rings too many chains

Too many racks and some gas on me

B**ch you know you guessed it flexing


Niggas had another ni**a like print

Intellect had another

Motherf**king other niggas


Southside with a F ho

And the F stands for 40 thousand

That's what I charge for a walk through


Met a girl named Summer

In the wintertime

Love when she fall through


Had that b**ch sprung

Took her to the mall to do

A ball through


And these true confessions

I'm making the extras

And your pockets anorexic


Texting and sending me pictures naked

She said is this 2 Chainz

B**ch you guessed it


WOO you was right


Still with my niggas and we flexing


WOO b**ch you guessed it