Roots, Rap, Reggae


Roots, Rap, Reggae - Run-DMC



Rrrroots rap reggae


And we don't stop

It's like that y'all and then we're ready to play

It's no jive it's live and it's reggae


Roots rap


My homeboy Jay don't scratch reg-gae

So listen to Jam Master as the Master start to play


And when he go just check the show

Cause they scratchin with the toe

And even his el bow HA

Rrrroots rap reggae


Stomp your feet clap your hand


At the microphone is King Yellowman


In Jamaica I'm the champ-i-on


This is roots rap reggae Ha ha ha rip it

Roots rap reggae


Hotta otta otta reggae music


Otta otta otta reggae music


Otta otta otta reggae music


I know we know that reggae is sweet

Reggae music is rap to de beat


Clap your hands an' stomp your feet


Roots rap reggae


Roots rap


Now party people I'm so happy don't know what to do

Cause I'm an MC with the rhyme and down with the crew

Rock from Africa to France and the Kalamazoo


And every place that I play I hear a YAY not a BOO

And now a party not a party and a jam ain't a jam

Less D is who he be and I am who I am


Or Jay is just the DJ cuttin for the two

And it's the three of us baby and we're doin the do


Five plus five equal to ten


Everywhere I go I've got a lot of girlfriend


Music is sweet music is nice


Yellow 'ave about twenty-four wife


It's roots rap reggae Ha ha ha


Roots rap reggae


Don't drink alco-'ol don't snort coc*ine


Reggae music is not so strange


Know de coc*ine will 'urt up your brain


This is roots rap reggae Ha HAH


Roots rap reggae AIIIIYY SIAH


It's roots rap reggae