Elvis Costello2003年9月23日


Impatience - Elvis Costello (埃爾維斯 科斯特洛)

Written by:Elvis Costello

How long do I have to wait


Before I can tell you the things I've been wanting to say


How long must I hesitate


I know it makes sense but it's hard for me to stay away


But if this is how it has to be


Maybe it's just a feeling

That I could name

But I'd probably best blame impatience


You can't miss - what you've never known


It's quite absurd how you started disturbing me so


Sometimes - when I am all alone


I lose my senses

I have no defences to go


But if this is how I lose my heart


Then I shall just embrace that

My pulse is racing still

I'm secretly thrilled


By the laughter that tumbled

And the tears that I spilled


As far as I know no one ever got killed

By impatience


Tell me - is there danger still


I took no heed so a word might as well be deed


Although - I'd really like to see you now


I'm almost certain it can't be accomplished with speed


So if this how I'll bide my time


Then I will set it down

Til we lose our caution

I'll honour your order


'Cos it's such sweet torture


To carry this torch


In the light of temptation

Beyond conversation and all expectation


Pausing a moment or two just mention