Funky Junky

The Hit Crew2013年1月29日



Funky Junky - The Hit Crew

You can dance around if you want to

But there's something a man don't wanna do

And if you see him comin walkin down the street

You better jump right outta his way


Everyone knows it's a street skit

Every time he comes to town

Cause he's got some minutes left hip past

The blues around past down

Funky junky

Funky junky


He's on missouri boulevard

About a half o mile south of the graveyard

Better run an leap through funky old dirt

Go one don't find no shame


This old muskrat barbecue


And a sweetness on the railroad track

He's gotta tiger in his living room

He got a monkey on his back

Funky junky

Funky junky