Groove Me

The Hit Crew2013年2月19日



Groove Me - The Hit Crew

Uhh Awww sookie sookie now


Hey Oww uhh Come on baby


Hey there Sugar Darlin'


Let me tell you something


Girl I've been trying to say now


You look so sweet

And you're so doggone fine


I just can't get you out of my mind

You've become a sweet taste in my mouth now


And I want you to be my spouse


So that we can live happily nah nah


In a great big ol' roomy house

And I know you're gonna groove me baby


Ahh yeah now

You make me feel good inside


Come on and groove me baby


I need you to groove me


Ahhh yeah now now darling


Uhh Come on come on


Hey Uhh

Hey there Sugar Darlin'


Come on give me something


Girl I've been needing for days


Yes I'm good good loving

With plenty plenty hugging

Ooh you cute little thang you


Girl between you and me nah-nah


We don't need no company


No other man no other girl


Can enter into our world

Not as long as you groove me baby


Ahh come on

Make me feel good inside

Come on and groove me baby


Move me baby

Ahh sock it to me mama


Uhh Ahh I like it like that baby


Uhh Groove me baby Hey Uhh

Groove me darling


Come on come on


I need you to sock it to me mama


Come on and groove me baby


Hey Uhh Good God


It makes me feel so good inside mama

Now come on come on and uhh


Groove me baby groove me baby

Ahh sock it to me

Sock it to me

Rock it to me

Come on come on


Come on

And uhh


Groove me mama I want you to

Groove me baby