Come Some Christmas Eve Or Halloween

Bee Gees1968年8月11日

Come Some Christmas Eve Or Halloween - Bee Gees (比吉斯)

Written by:Barry Gibb/Maurice Gibb/Robin Gibb

It's raining and it's cold outside


Come may I take shelter by your side


Now it's strange my train's abandoning me


Run aside don't cry amongst the queue


Now your fading figure fades from view


It's tearing what some tunnel air can do


What a day for dragons and for dreams


If this was Christmas eve or Hallowe'en


You are rare


Sweeter than an apple or pear


You are mine


Hold on you are love


You are sun


Oh oh


You are blue


Twenty years have passed and now I'm home


Once more my haunted taunted soul is sown


I saw her yesterday and things were fine


She's settled with a new man so unkind


Oh to touch your hand and see your smile


Walk again with you for just one mile


It's Hallowe'en and dragons without dreams


But one thing they love blue will turn to green


And you'll be there


Waiting with your hands in the air


You'll be mine


Hold on we'll be love


Oh oh


We'll be sun


We'll be skies


We'll be skies