Tougher Than Leather


Unconcievable unbelievable

Grammar like a hammer information recieveable


Sent by the lord here and abroad

With words that were thought they could retort


For force because that makes Run the boss

So get lost becuase I just tossed the poss

Make way today and if I may I say

I make pay with Jay so get away OK

Gaining weight I ate the whole plate to date

Never make the break I don't state the stake

Just keep the keep don't sleep for weeks

Get peeps to leap and I'll bleep the jeep

Put down the clown get 'round the town


I've bound the sound and I've found the crown

Get paid and laid not jade afraid


Cause I stayed and made not a man to fade


Gotta group the troop gotta shoot to shoot

Shoot hoop to scoop or a scoop to loop

Going off and on not soft to con

Just black and back to go back and run


Go to school and cool not drool or pool

Gotta soul and goal and cold and old jewel

Upset the best I met met a jest

Just lest the pest and I am the best

Gotta punch the crunch cold munch the munch


Not Grady or the lady from the Brady Bunch

Got Gs and Lees like Ds and Ts

Charge Bs for freeze or Ds with ease

No d**e to cope just good to go

There's hope the Pope big nope for nope


Quite clever and ever but together forever


Run DMC and we're tougher than leather


Strong and mighty hard as can be

Perception of the life were as strong as D

Every Friday I'm writing write for what's right

It's even deeper in the night I'm keepin with my mic

I gotta go for broke and I ain't no joke

I'm gonna yoke the choke cause of the suckers I smoke

Rush and crush leave em in the dust

Bust the bust those scum who mess with us

Only strong survive and the weak will die


As long as I'm alive I'll keep my head up high

Cause we're strong in body and smart in mind

I was born to bind as the to gift mankind

I pump with jump never givin no slack

I be killin' the villain and I chillin you're black


I'm not a bum I'm not dumb it's me you work from

I'm the king to my beat 'til my kingdom come


Cause I'm rough and tough call huff and puff


Don't bluff the stuff got enough to muff

Don't long it on go long on song


Go on and on just the best be done


Put preach and teach with a speech to reach

All streets in each with beats for treats


Got the king supreme may seem the gleam


With a beam the ream no screen was seen


Not a gang to bang or to hang with slang

Talkin angers ang about everything


Just brothers and others like fathers and mothers

Who discovered the lovers that think they're up and above us


No crime or time just rhyme and lines

For roaming on no phone in time


Just cut the stuff do you get enough


Cause we're rougher than tougher and rougher tougher than tough


With a voice like thunder words of wonder


All alone standing tall and suckers roll under

Possessed with power cowards will cower

Dogs we devour hour after hour after hour


Three men riot you can't itdeny


Will so ill that you can't defy it

Gonna live positive forever and ever

RunDMC and we're tougher than leather