Give Me The Simple Life

Tony Bennett2009年9月3日

Give Me The Simple Life - Tony Bennett (託尼·班奈特)

Folks are blessed who make the best of everyday


Living by their own philosophy everyone

Who needs the sun must find a way


And I have found the only way for me


I don't believe in fretting and grieving


Why mess around with strife'


I never was cut out to step and strut out

Give me the simple life


Some find it pleasant dining on pheasant

Those things roll off my knife;


Just serve me tomatoes;

And mashed potatoes;

Give me the simple life


Now a cottage small is all I'm after


Not one that's spacious and wide


A house that rings with joy and laughter

And ones do you love inside


Some like the high road I like the low road

Free from the care and strife

Sounds corny and seedy but yes indeedy;

Give me the simple life


I great the day when I the weeking


Scare and scree and borem


I like the mase simple corny and become


Sufer one bet someone love


Life could be thrillin' with one whose willing

To be a farmers wife it's calling me happy

Make me so happy

Give me the simple life



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