In / Out (Baardsen Remix)

Dan Croll2013年7月12日


In / Out (Baardsen Remix) - Dan Croll

I just called just to say


That I'm coming round and

I don't care if it's out my way


I know you told me not to call


I'll clear out my clothes pack up

My bags be on my way


I know that you still secretly care


But if I'm wrong then

I'll just get out of your hair


And if you let me stay don't let me go


Let me know I just wanna know


Sometimes I never let you know


That I still sing the songs wrote down

My bedroom wall


And somehow I always fail to show


The appreciation you crave


Cuz I'm a fool for you


So let me in I'll let you call me names


Insult the words and cuss at me

That it's all the same


And if you want me out then only say


Only say and I'll be on my way