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Road to Hell

Halloween, Halloween Songs, The Horror Theme Ensemble2015年10月12日


Road to Hell (Usable) - Ameritz - Tribute (阿莫瑞茲音樂)

I'm standing by a river


But the water doesn't flow


It boils with every poison you can think of


And I'm underneath the streetlights


But the light of joy I know


Scared beyond belief way down in the shadows


And the perverted fear of violence


Chokes a smile on every face


And common sense is ringing out the bells


This ain't no technological breakdown


Oh no this is the road to Hell


And all the roads jam up with credit


And there's nothing you can do


It's all just bits of paper


Flying away from you


This ain't no upwardly mobile freeway


Oh no this is the road


This is the road


This is the road to Hell