Happy Birthday

Carly Simon1997年10月12日

Happy Birthday - Carly Simon

It's all of our birthdays this summer

One number older another year younger

I'll go to your party you'll come to mine


We've given up cigarettes we've given up wine


We've given up caffeine and sworn off desserts

I don't try to seduce you we don't even flirt

We're too good to be happy too straight to be sad

So just blow out the candles Happy Birthday


Stay out of the ocean stay out of the sun

Stay in perfect shape and be number one

We've got brilliant excuses for having no fun

So blow out the candles Happy Birthday


Make love in the microwave

Think of all the time you'll save

And don't forget to make it look

As though you're working very very hard


But I'll be your lover if you will be mine

We'll go back to the garden and have a good time

And if I'm offered an apple I'll politely decline

And just blow out the candles

Happy Birthday