Don'cha Go 'way Mad

Ella Fitzgerald2009年8月3日

Don'cha Go 'way Mad - Ella Fitzgerald

Written by:Al Stillman

Who was that woman I saw you with last night


I must confess what you say is true


I had a rendezvous with somebody new


It's the only one I ever had


Baby baby don'cha go 'way mad


Cheatin' shows and it never goes


I've got a reason to be mad I suppose


Well I guess I'm just a passing fad


Baby baby don'cha go 'way mad


Your kind's a dime a dozen


That's not the kind I want

Who could believe your cousin

Would visiting in that restaurant


You realize that I'm real upset


What do you say that we forgive and forget


Ought to shake you for a truer lad

Baby baby don'cha go 'way mad


Look honey if you really wanna know the truth


She just happened to be sitting at my table




Baby who are you kidding


And furthermore all I had on my mind was food


Well if that's the case

How come you were seen holding hands across the table

Holding hands

Holding hands

I wasn't holding hands

I was just reaching for the cheque



You know you never reached for a cheque in your whole life


I guess that you've got me dead to rights


I mighta known that you were slippin' 'round nights


I'll admit I really was a cad


Can you blame me if I go 'way mad


Cheatin' shows and it never goes

I wanna stay away for ever I s'pose


But she only was a passin' fad

Oh yeah

Baby baby don'cha go way mad


That gal was just a phoney


That chick had no finesse


I know that's just baloney

But I forgive you nonetheless


I'm sorry dear if I made you blue


All of my life I've been a fool for you

Cool kiss me just to show you're glad


Nothin' doin' 'cause I'm goin' 'way mad

You gotta forgive me



No no no

Oh forgive me


Well I'll think about it


Okay baby I won't go 'way mad



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