You've Changed

Laura Fygi2009年1月1日

You've Changed (你變了) - Laura Fygi

I've an awfully funny feeling

That this thought that's been a stealing through my brain


Is not to be ignored


But to really tell the truth


Though I'm not a well-known sleuth


I honestly believe that you are bored


You've changed


That sparkle in your eyes is gone


Your smile is just a careless yawn


You're breaking my heart


You've changed


You've changed


Your kisses now are so blase


You're bored with me in every way


I can't understand

You've changed


You've forgotten the words I love you


Each memory that we've shared


You ignore every star above you


I can't realize you've ever cared

You've changed


You're not the angel I once knew


No need to tell me that we're through


It's all over now


You've changed