Skywriter (Album Version)

Art Garfunkel2012年8月24日

Skywriter (空中書法家) (Album Version) - Art Garfunkel

I'm tired of tracing vapor trail

Ghost letters in the sky


Living life in daydreams

Watching precious time get by


Circle around this great big world


Just chasing smoke and never

Touching ground


Like a skywriter


Rebel without a cause


Drifting without an aim


But I can't seem to

Give up this flying game

I'm a wing walker

Working without a net


That's all I've ever been


And I wonder if I'm

Ever coming down again


Some people say I'm losing

Touch with harsh reality


Because I can't accept

The way it is with you and me


Stop living in the past

Like some old pilot from a war that

Wouldn't end


Like a barnstormer

Safe with my heart and wings


How could I ever fall


So serenely do I glide

Above it all

I'm a skywriter


I can't forget you yet

For whatever that

It's worth


And sometimes I think

I'm never coming back


Skywriter I can't

Forget you yet

For whatever that it's worth


And sometimes I think

I'm never coming back to earth