Boys in the Trees

Carly Simon2009年10月27日

Artist:carly simon

Songs Title:boys in the trees


Im home again in my old narrow bed


Where I grew tall and my feet hung over the end


The low beam room with the window looking out


On the soft summer garden


Where the boys grew in the trees


Here I grew guilty

And no one was at fault


Frightened by the power in every innocent thought


And the silent understanding passing down


From daughter to daughter


Let the boys grow in the trees


Do you go to them or do you let them come to you


Do you stand in back afraid that youll intrude


Deny yourself and hope someone will see


And live like a flower


While the boys grew in the trees


Last night I slept in sheets the colour of fire


Tonight I lie alone again and curse my own desires


Sentenced first to burn and then to freeze


And watch by the window


Where the boys grew in the trees