She's Gone (1997 Remaster) (1997 Digital Remaster)

Cliff Richard2010年4月12日


She's Gone (1997 Digital Remaster) - Cliff Richard

I've been waitin' here

For you since nine


I get sick 'cause waitin' normal time


I know you went and treatin'

Me like you should


I guess some gonna leave for good


The tickets I bought for the show tonight


Ain't no use because you're not in sight


I wonder what for guy you're cheatin' now


I'll find him and warn him somehow


But she's gone


Well if you want me you can

Chase me 'round


For you know all the places where I'm found


I don't care if I never hear from you


I guess you'll never ever be true


But she's gone


But she's gone but she's gone


But she's gone but she's gone