Tom's Diner (Hibell Remix)

Giorgio Moroder, Britney Spears2015年10月9日


Tom's Diner (湯姆的餐館) (Hibell Remix) - Giorgio Moroder (喬吉奧·莫羅德爾)/Britney Spears (布蘭妮·斯皮爾斯)

I am sitting in the morning

At the diner on the corner

I am waiting at the counter

For the man to pour the coffee

And he fills it only halfway

And before I even argue

He is looking out the window

At somebody coming in


It is always nice to see you

Says the man behind the counter

To the woman who has come in

She is shaking her umbrella

And I look the other way

As they are kissing their hellos

I'm pretending not to see them

And instead I pour the milk