Cole World (Intro)

Keyshia Cole, DJ Khaled2017年10月20日

Cole World (Intro) - Keyshia Cole (琪夏·寇兒)/DJ Khaled (DJ哈立德)

Written by:Keyshia Cole

DJ Khaled:


Ayo Keyshia Cole I'm just gon' tell you how it is

They wanna finish you they want you broke

They want you miserable they want you unhappy

That will never happen

They played themselves

We the greatest ever

It's a process for progress


I respect those that weather the storm


We weather any storm


We gon' continue climbing the mountaintop

More wounds more success more blessings

Notice how I said more

It's a cole world a Keyshia Cole world

Bundle up special cloth alert DJ Khaled

Keyshia Cole:


Another one cloth alert

A cole cole cole

Cole World

And I put that on everything

A cole cole cole

Cole World